HearUsTalk Shows

The DJNewStyle Show

The DJNewStyle Show is an amusing talk show hosted by a web developer from New Jersey. Listen as he vents his frustrations, revels in the misfortune of others, and shamelessly displays his own embarrassment every Tuesday night from 9-11 pm eastern time.

Best In Show

Whether theorizing on the origins of man, music, an instruction manual for humanity or nothing at all, these know-naught know-it-alls will be live every Thursday from 9 - 11 PM eastern time.

The Awful Hour

The Awful Hour is a brutally funny internet radio show hosted by Vealchop and Tony. Download new episodes monthly and enjoy raw conversation from the bottom of their bored, frustrated, and empty hearts.

The What Show

The What Show was a weekly podcast dedicated to life, marriage, and the desire to end both. Listen to their catalog of 72 episodes and follow the journey of two married couples who explored their relationships before a live studio audience.