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Episode 373

A celebration of embarrassment and frustration.

Episode 373

Postby BestInShowChris » March 20th, 2013, 10:12 am

Whilst just evacuating my bowels, I was thinking about the fact that that I didn't have the time to hear last night's show live (it's amazing how much of your day gets eaten away by trying to teach an 8 y/o long division - kill me).
This obviously made me think of the previous week's show, and I thought to track of the details for posting a follow-up here.
This morning's clean-up required 19 Cottonelle wipes.
Two folds of each towelette means 57 anal strokes (the last 2 of which were 100% clean).
55 wet on wets on what was a movement of average messiness (neither extra greazy, nor extra crumbly) was what was required.
When is the last time you smeared your wet with dry more than 8 times?

Excessive? Sure.

Can you eat split pea soup out off my fair bottom with no fear of E coli now? Absolutely!
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